Brigitte Keller has been painting bold abstract compositions since the early 70s. The vivid colors in her work are often built up through layer upon layer of meticulously applied egg wax emulsion. The unique consistency of the handmade paint creates a fluctuation in color which vibrates against the retina. Keller’s paintings have a spiritual quality, often alluding to recognizable things, while playfully creating a symphony with these shapes, so that there is no dominant symbol, but rather a harmonized collective.

“ Painting, to me, is process and discovery.
Current works evolve around landscape,
incorporating line within color defined surfaces.
At times emblematic shapes emerge from abstract fields
as symbols of the passage of time.

My paint medium is acrylic (polymer based) paint
thickened with an egg/wax emulsion.
At times I am adding dyes and pigments with the paint to create subtle effects. ”

— Brigitte Keller

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